Beginning the journey

I have a vision for myself.  I see a peaceful, engaged family doing things together and enjoying it.  I also had a realization.  I’m not as happy as I’d like to be, and if I want to have a happy family I need to start with myself.  Being a Mom is a stressful job, but I’m dedicated to enjoying as much of my daughters’ childhood as possible while at the same time providing them with everything they need.  Before I became a Mom I hoped I’d be great at it, but until you become a parent there is no way to understand how hard it can be.  It’s hard to be happy when you’re sleep deprived and putting the rest of your family’s needs ahead of your own.  As much as I want the rest of my family’s happiness to lead to my own, I’m learning that I actually need to focus on my own to actually achieve it.  Before I had children, every minute of my day was ME time, but now I have to actually schedule it if I want to even have a chance of having any.  So, I’ve started to think about the things that make me happy and the things in my life that need adjusting.  It’s hard to know where to start, and where the choices I make will lead me.  So, I’ve decided to create this blog as a roadmap to where I’ve been along this journey.


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