A Relaxed Mind

It turns out that drinking tea called “Relaxed Mind” does not alone a relaxed mind make.  So, it’s gonna take more than a cup of tea to achieve this goal.  My mind races most of the time.  It’s hard to relax your body when you can’t relax your mind, so in the midst of being mindful I realized the volume of thoughts racing around in every moment.  I needed to slow this down to start the process of getting happy.  So, I needed to find something that could relax my mind and peak my interest.  I needed a healthy, positive distraction that could help me relax and get happy.  Focusing on spirituality seemed to fit the bill.

I’ve always been interested in focusing more on my spirituality, so when I began thinking about relaxing my mind and calming my thoughts a few things came to mind:  yoga, meditation, dream interpretation and Reiki.  Since dreaming was the easiest and most familiar, I started there.  After a few visits with my holistic life coach, I began to understand the importance of writing down and evaluating my dreams.  It’s amazing how much insight to yourself is contained in your own dreams.  Having a wise, insightful guide delve into those dreams and what they mean can shine a light on some of the things that are so easy to look past in your own mind.  I think it’s normal to push past the tough thoughts and try to make the dreams fit what you want them to mean, but revealing them to another person and letting them interpret and decipher the symbols and intricacies of your dreams can be liberating.  Even after sharing only a few dreams, I was able to start taking a new look at how I was feeling.  This path felt right.  I wanted to keep going.  It was already starting to make me feel….happy!

My success with dream interpretation led to learning a new tool…guided visualization and meditation. I quickly realized that in order to meditate I needed to really commit to having a more relaxed mind and that is a whole other cup of tea.

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