I’m a Gypsy

I am not a creature of habit.  Instead of a daily routine, I’d say I follow more of an outline.  I seem to approach exercise the same way.  I like to jump from activity to activity with the goal of burning some calories and easing some stress.  During my very scarce free time these days, I can be found ice skating, hiking, doing yoga, kickboxing or riding my bike aimlessly around my neighborhood.  So, as much as I’d like to have more “yoga” moments in my life, I also need some time to rock it out and sweat my day away. This week I decided to try doing it on a spinning bike.  I went to a class last night after dragging myself away from my family all nestled in my house and getting ready for bed leaving daddy to enjoy the bedtime routine.  As much as I love bedtime with my kids, Momma needs a night off once in a while if I’m gonna find this mythical happy place.

When I walked into the spinning class, the lights were bright and people seemed pretty relaxed doing their pre-class preparations.  As people wiped down their bikes and found a home for their water bottles and towels, I found my own bike and started to spin my wheels.  Out of nowhere, the teacher roared in like a bullet from a gun, turned the lights way down, the music way up and the room exploded with energy!  We all spun our butts off in the dark keeping form and wiping our brows for the entire hour until the mood came to a screeching halt and the hour was over.  It’s almost disturbing how quickly those kinds of situations start and stop so unnaturally fast.  All the riders scattered quickly, like gypsies, when the class was over, all seeming to have no problem punching their off buttons.  I reached my goal of burning those calories, but was left feeling almost lonely walking back to my car.  It was such an intense experience.  My ears were still ringing when I got home, like I’d been to a concert.  It took me a while to come down from that.  I may not get to my happy place riding a stationary bike.  I think tomorrow I’ll go back to yoga.

I’m not sure I can make a habit out of that spinning class, that just wouldn’t be me.

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