Finding Zen In Organization


The act of organizing seems so un-zen, but a completely organized, clutter-free abode is so completely zen that I’m feeling myself being pulled in that direction.  I’m so acutely aware of my surroundings lately that it’s like I’m seeing my clutter with new eyes.  It’s as if I’m a new visitor judging another’s piles of stuff and feeling the need to weed through the chaos.

I enjoy the feeling of a comfortable, lived-in home.  I want you to come in and feel like you can relax, sit wherever you want, and let your kids run around and touch stuff.  Kick off your shoes, grab a drink and plop down on the couch for a nice chat.  I grew up in a house that felt that way and I aim to make my house as welcoming and cozy as my parent’s home.  Between my husband, myself and two toddlers we have a lot of stuff.  The problem is keeping it all in check.  I don’t want my guests to come in and see piles of papers, toys and laundry and have to take flying leaps over shoes, backpacks and dolls.  This family needs to find a way to get organized, and as the Mom, I’m in charge of “Project Organize This House!”  As of right now, it feels like my ducks are pretty far from being all in a row.

I can’t organize an entire house at once, I have to organize one room at a time.  So, the first thing I need to do is make a list of rooms in order of their priority.  Which room overhauls will make the biggest difference for my family?  Which changes will make our lives flow easier?  In which rooms can I uncover the most happiness for my family?

Here is my plan of attack:

1. Family Room

2. Girl’s Rooms and Bathroom

3. Master Bedroom and Bathroom

4. Laundry Room/Storage Room

5. Linen Closet

6. Coat Closet

7. Playroom

8. Kitchen

9. Office

10. Garage

I’m allowing myself 8 weeks to complete this task and granting myself a reward if I am able to complete the entire task on time.  I believe a day at the spa will be in order, that seems pretty zen to me….om.

Watching The Quiet Things


Goal Reached!  Now What?

Maintain.  Sustain.  Don’t gain.

Being healthy makes me happy.  Feeling light and unencumbered is something I haven’t felt since long before I started growing my family.  Twenty pounds lost and I’m moving through the world differently.  My list of things to do is ever growing, but my reserves of energy are never ending!  Instead of feeling heavy and overloaded with burden I feel joyful and poised to prevail!  It’s amazing what you can convince your mind and body to feel when you have the motivation.

Sometimes when I watch my family doing the quiet things they love, it’s in those moments that I remember why I made this promise to rise into my best self.  The journey needed to begin with shedding toxins from my body and that will be an ongoing process.  But, it is going to be those glimpses of my beautiful daughters sleeping or my husband out enjoying his garden that will remind me of why I continue to do the work that may not be as noticeable to the masses as the reformation of my outer shell.  Now that I am learning a more healthy way to feed my body, I have to keep finding better ways to nourish my soul.

Two Wolves


Love is Like a Butterfly



Cleansing Old Habits


It’s been 11 weeks since I started the cleansing leg of my happiness journey.  I’ve lost 17 pounds, I feel healthier than I have in over 5 years, and I finally have the stay-at-home business opportunity that I have been searching for since I became a mother.  I’m starting my second round of cleansing today with a new set of goals and a peaceful mind ready to embrace more change.

Any time you approach a life changing opportunity for a second time, you proceed for the with larger pool of knowledge to pull from.  So, this time, I’ve realized that I can give myself a few more goals to accomplish in addition to shedding some unwanted pounds and more importantly flushing my body of unwanted toxins.

The first time around I was able to give up my resistance to change.  Without change there is no renovation, transformation or evolution.  I embraced my metamorphosis and I have reaped the benefits of feeling healthier and having a more clear mind.  I have more energy!  I ran my first 5K.  I broke free of old fears and as I rose up to meet my new challenges it felt as if the world rose up to meet me.  I had not expected these particular changes, but I happily accepted them and celebrate them with a renewed exuberance!

This time around I have pledged to attack some new binding flaws holding me back from being my best self. I want to give up some of my unhealthy food attachments and form some healthy new ones.  I want to give up the excuses about why I cannot give up certain foods and why I can’t add others into my diet.  I want to experiment, investigate, research!  I plan to cook, create, concoct!

Today is day 1 of my 11 day cleanse and I am bouncing around the room with excitement!

Fruit on the 4th


It was record breaking heat that ruled our 4th of July celebration.  Temperatures topped out above 100 degrees and no one could stand to be outside for more than a few minutes, but we didn’t let it spoil our happy day!  We still managed to find a way to have some healthy, indoor fun on the 4th.  It may not be the prettiest, but this flag of fruit is the most beautiful thing this Mom has ever seen.  We washed and cut strawberries, blueberries and bananas and tried our best to recreate a photo we found on the internet.  The finished product lasted about 3 minutes before we tore it apart and ate it as our afternoon snack!  Happy 4th of July!

Bamboozled at the Movies


Taking my daughters to see their first movie made me very happy!  Having to carry my frightened 2-year-old out during the trailers because they were incredibly terrifying did not make me happy.  Who matches up the movie trailers with the feature film and why is the rating of the actual movie not considered more carefully in this process?

I took my 2 and 3 year old daughters to see Madagascar 3 in the hopes that they would be entertained by the familiar characters and easy to understand humor.  In my opinion, three of the five movie trailers were exceedingly inappropriate for the target audience that a movie trilogy like Madagascar attracts.  I have no problem with my kids seeing Katy Perry don all sorts of crazy outfits and sing about fireworks, but when my girls saw the trailer for Paranorman they were almost driven to tears by the horrific monsters and Psycho and Jason spoofs that were way too nightmarish for their innocent little eyes.  Do they really need to be introduced to the idea of creepy, green monster hands coming out from underneath a bed while eerie music plays?  I have done a pretty good job of hiding this sort of thing from them so far only to be bamboozled by the movie industry.

I was able to take my youngest out of the theater and calm her down.  It took a few minutes of convincing her that the actual movie had not started yet and then we were able to enjoy the rest of our time at the movies.  So shame on the movie industry for dropping the ball on this one.  I really feel like there must have been some better trailer choices for a cartoon meant for young audiences.  I’ll never arrive in time to see the trailers again, so the movie industry is missing out on a big advertising opportunity with this family.

As for the happy part of this adventure, I’m thrilled to have another outing I can enjoy with my kids!  Being able to venture out to see a movie on a rainy afternoon is a pretty cool option to add to my mommy bag of tricks.  We nibbled on popcorn and licorice together and giggled with each other through the whole movie.  I’d just like to keep it G rated for as long as I can.



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