Lake House Mentality


Each person has their own definition, or idea, of success.  For me, success is defined as being the master of my own time.  Feeling rushed and constantly hurried from one thing to the next is not the mindset legacy that I want pass on to my daughters.

I long for lazy, Lake House afternoons.  That is the setting of my dreams.  A Lake House is symbolic of so much for me.  It means taking it easy.  It means that I have the means to pay for it.  It means that I have the time to spend there.  So for now, I’ll settle for my pursuit of Lake House Mentality right here in the suburbs.

The pursuit of Happiness is an uphill battle that can be bumpy and disappointing.  When you set your expectations too high you are destined for disappointment.  When I imagine time spent at a Lake House, I don’t imagine a group of happy people bouncing off the walls shouting about how happy they are, more like a relaxed group of my closest family and friends finding a place where they feel welcome to kick off their shoes and really take some time off.

If you covet a Sitcom Mentality where every problem finds it’s clean, witty solution in a timely manner or Chick Flick Mentality where everyone finds their sidekick buddy who picks them up when they’re feeling down, then you’re setting yourself up for major disappointment.  But if you instead find your own reasonable, attainable version of Happiness that becomes the backdrop of your dreams and provides you with what YOU need to feel happy, then you’re on the right path.

I haven’t started shopping for my Lake House just yet, but I’m able to see it in my dreams.  For me, in this moment today, happiness isn’t a fancy car or a designer handbag, it’s the idea that while I wait for my Lake House, I can start working on my Lake House mentality right here where I am.


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