No Ordinary Journey

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I love to walk.  I love to just walk out the front door and go wherever I feel.  Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I go for more of a mediative walk, but I always love the act of moving and looking and being out in nature.  My neighborhood is lovely, but I decided to take a break from my usual path and head into a new neighborhood across town.  I drove until I found the right place to park and I got out and started to walk.  It felt great to be in a new place with no plan of where I was going.  I saw beautiful houses, new people and wandered down different streets.  It was refreshing.  It’s not the familiar path that I enjoy when I’m walking, it’s the act of getting out and feeling the walk.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama

Create more joy in your life!  Find more adventures in your own backyard and have control over your happiness!  Take an inner journey to learn more about how you feel and how you respond to varied experiences without outside influences seeping in and tainting your true feelings.  Life is never going to be perfect or even how you predict it to be, but if your happiness comes from within, external circumstances can only exist around you and cannot affect your true feelings.  Take a vacation from the familiar.  Free yourself from the influences that may be seeping in to your thoughts and impacting your choices.  Take a new walk and let go of your old routine.  Change things up and you will feel the change!  Take note of how you feel and reflect on how you can use it to grow.

Instead of saying, “I’ll be happy when…..” just decide that you are going to be happy as you move through your life and work towards your goals.  You don’t have to achieve a goal to bring you to some magical happy place, start enjoying happiness NOW by enjoying the ride and appreciating your own hard work along the way.  Do something familiar in a new place, take a walk in a new neighborhood, just create a new experience for yourself.  Break free from your routine and explore how you feel.

“Life is a journey, not a destination” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


As I walked, I noticed the brick that still made up the road in this neighborhood, something I don’t see only a few miles away near my home.  I thought about the history of that brick and how the whole street must have looked that way so many years ago.  I noticed the difference in architecture on this side of town and the way the streets turned and wound around the ravines over there.  So many subtle differences right there in the same town.  After some time had gone by, I realized I was successfully able to break free from my normal, reoccurring thoughts that normally fill my head when I walk in my familiar surroundings.  I felt grateful for this break from my routine.  Where will I walk tomorrow?

This was no ordinary journey and for that I was grateful.


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