Seesaw Sisters


Jewel and Joy are sisters. They love to play together. It’s fun having a play mate right in your own house, but sometimes Jewel and Joy want to do different things. It’s hard to always agree on what to play.

One day, Jewel went to her mom and asked to spend some time alone at the park. She was tired of playing with her sister all the time.

So Jewel went to the park without Joy. She spotted the seesaw and jumped on! But the seesaw is not as much fun by yourself. As she sat on the seesaw unable to make it move, she wished her sister was there with her.

Just as Jewel wanted some time alone, so did Joy. The next day, Joy wanted to go to the park without Jewel.

When Joy got to the park she ran and hopped on her favorite piece of equipment, the seesaw. But as she sat on one end staring up into the sky at the empty end of the see saw, she realized that the park was much more fun with her sister there.

The next day, Jewel and Joy decided to go to the park, together. The both ran and hopped on the seesaw and enjoyed how it went up and down and up and down! They laughed and smiled as they flew up and then down enjoying the beautiful day, together.

Sometimes together is better, but sometimes you have to be alone to figure that out.

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