Unblocking the Path

Do we each have a predetermined destiny?  How much control do we have over making changes to our own life’s path?  We are who we are, that’s true, but each of us has the power to change, or not change, our current position.

Epigenetics is a complex area of study focusing on genes and the way they predetermine our health.  (Well, that’s my very basic understanding).  There is also a cultural epigenetics of psychopathy that is focused on mental disorders that gives light to how culture can influence a person’s developmental trajectory.  I would assume that all the effort going into both medical fields is to ultimately make positive changes in people’s lives.  All of this research just may allow people to trade in a few cards from the hand they are dealt.  We CAN alter the repeating patterns of the cycles that rule our lives.  If you have the motivation, the science is there to support the changes necessary to be happy.

I watch myself approach life situations the same way over and over and get disappointed in the same negative results.  Since becoming more mindful of my actions, my life is now being shown to me in 3-D, and the negative actions of others now seem to jump off the screen.  An intense position allowing me an unclouded view of those around me.  Even the simplest interactions with people get scrutinized beyond recognition in my effort to pinpoint the specific changes I need to make to become a better version of myself.  Unfortunately for me, some of the people closest to me have limited patience for the pace in which I’m making changes. In the end, this invokes the pauperization I often feel and ignites the fire under my impending course redirection.  My experiment in Family Epigenetics.  I’m ending this cycle of unhappy.

Sometimes the negativity you claim to see in another is actually a mirror into your own psyche.  Maybe looking into the face of your own child, or parent, exacerbates the hidden insecurities we hide deep within ourselves and claim to have conquered when really they represent the biggest mountain left to climb.  Maybe the mountain you don’t have the courage to even acknowledge.

I refuse to exist with a mountain blocking my path to happiness.  My epigenetic battle has just begun.

my happy promise

I believe in fate.  I believe that life hands you tons of opportunities everyday and your life is made up of the decisions you make moment to moment.  When I started to think more about my own happiness I started to become more mindful of the small choices I make throughout each day.  I remember having this realization, but I had no idea what that small moment of clarity would bring to me.  About 6 months ago I got an email that I would normally have deleted and never thought about again.  It was advertising an Open House event at a massage and physical therapy center I had used to help ease my back pain during my pregnancies.  In the spirit of finding more ME time, I decided to attend the open house with a friend to learn more about how they were expanding the services offered at the center.  At the event I met a holistic life coach named Allison and had an amazing conversation with her about aromatherapy, healing and ways to incorporate more ME time even in the most menial tasks throughout the day.  I bought some beautiful oils from her and made an appointment to come talk to her soon after.  Most of the journey so far has been guided by her wisdom, and I know it was fate that made me go so far out of my box and attend that event that night.  I owe Allison a big thank you, she is not only wise, but brilliant at being a gentle guide and life coach.  So, thanks Allison, my life is better because of you.


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